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2-Way SMS Messaging

Envision is the first and only tattoo studio management software to offer true 2-way SMS text messaging.

SMS text messages are currently the most effective contact method available to reach your customers for appointment reminders and marketing.
What are the benefits to using Envision's SMS message service?


  • SMS messages are guaranteed to be seen by the customer. Most phones, including the iPhone, require acknowledgement of a text message before making calls or opening other programs.
  • Front desk staff will have to make less appointment reminder and confirmation calls. Customers can automatically confirm their appointments via a reply SMS message.
  • A forgotten appointment is lost revenue for the tattoo parlor. Our automated appointment confirmation service will send reminders to your customers at an interval you select, without you having to do any work.
  • Bring in repeat business. Using our marketing engine, you can send marketing SMS messages to a filtered list, or entire list, of your clients.
  • Make your customers feel more comfortable. With the click of a button from our walk-in queue, you can send a message letting your customer know their service provider is ready for them. This allows them to visit nearby shops instead of sitting in a chair waiting for their turn.
  • Make chatting with the tattoo parlor more convenient. A customer can reply to an SMS message with a question, and the front desk operators can see those messages and respond back.

If you would like more information about Envision's SMS messaging service, or for pricing, please contact one of our sales professionals at 07 5561 8821.

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